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Dolphins and whales in the Mediterranean are increasingly in danger, exposed to threats ranging from habitat degradation, scarcity of prey caused by overfishing to noise. Loved by all in television documentaries, cetaceans present in our seas are indeed poorly known, rarely studied, and even less protected.

Who takes care of them?

Among the various Italian Institutes that care about these marine mammals, and are fighting for their protection, stands the Tethys Research Institute. Founded in 1986, the Institute is composed of biologists and naturalists who in the course of over twenty-five years of activities have made an extraordinary contribution to the knowledge and conservation of these animals.

Almost thirty years of hard and passionate work allowed Tethys to move the general public attention towards the Mediterranean cetaceans, and to better understand how to mitigate the pressures that threaten these wonderful animals.

All this effort has very high cost and you too can support the work of Tethys with a donation. Your contribution will help researchers to pursue their work, and will contribute to the conservation of cetacean populations of the Mediterranean Sea. There are various ways to help Tethys, from simple contribution to participation in one of our research projects.

How to donate


Support the Tethys Research Institute today with a charitable donation. Your gift will help our research towards dolphins and whales conservation in the Mediterranean.

Donations to the Tethys Research Institute can be deducted from your tax declaration

Join Us

Participating to a field expedition

Meet whales and dolphins not just by whale watching, but by helping researchers concerned with marine conservation.


Befriend a sperm whale from the Pelagos Sanctuary or donate its friendship to someone you love. With this symbolic gift you will support the research and conservation of Mediterranean cetaceans through the Tethys Research Institute.

5 x 1000

For the individuals who declare taxes in Italy a simple way to support our work is by signing for the 5×1000 in the tax declaration module.

Donate your 5 x 1000 to Tethys