Make a donation

With a donation you can help us protect whales, dolphins and seals and their environment. You can support the activities of the institute in general, or one of the long-term projects: the Cetacean Sanctuary Research (CSR) in the Pelagos Sanctuary, or the Ionian Dolphin Project (IDP) in Greece. You can make either a one-time or a recurring donation. Even a small amount will make a difference. Thank you!

Help us:


of cetaceans in the Mediterranean

Common dolphin

monitoring presence and distribution of whales and dolphins

identifying factors critical to their survival

studying their relations to the environment


marine mammals are facing

highlighting risks and menaces to their survival

proposing solutions and mitigation measures


adults and young generations

involving participants in our field work

with articles, interviews, books, edu-tainment, lessons in schools, conferences and media

What we can do with 15€

  • Survey 2 km at sea
  • Cover 1h data analysis
  • Report cases such as those of “Codamozza” (“chopped flukes”), injured by human activities, to the media
  • Undertake a lesson in marine biology
  • If 10 people donate 15€ we can identify all the sperm whales photographed in one research season
  • If 10 people donate 100€ we can monitor cetaceans for a further day out of the normal research season

Do you want to participate in one of our project campaigns?

The two long-term projects of the Tethys Research Institute (CSR and IDP) are partially financed by the participants in two citizen science programs. However their contributions support only the most basic expenses, and do not manage to fully cover all scientific equipment, boat maintenance, production of information and the projects’ widespread communication.