Photo identification is an essential tool for research on cetaceans: when it comes to sperm whales, individuals are easily recognized by the shape of their flukes, notches, or some particular spots. Tethys owns a “catalogue” of all individuals sighted in the study area of ​​the Cetacean Sanctuary Research (CSR) project, in the Pelagos Sanctuary, NW Mediterranean.

After over 30 years of activity, we chose 30 sperm whale flukes and combined each of them with a year of research.

Do you want to help us continue monitoring these extraordinary animals in their environment? Choose a tail, or a year which is“special” for you, make a donation, even a small one, and you will receive a personalized certificate. For our part, we are committed to continuing to work, at sea, every summer, for the safeguard of sperm whales and of all cetaceans, which are a precious heritage of the Mediterranean.


Choose one of the flukes, or your “special” year, make a donation, and get the customized electronic certificate with the picture of the whale. You can have it with your name, or you can dedicate it to someone. Minimum donation is 20 Euros.

Please fill in the form below and write the whale name or year you prefer when asked (second page of the donation form).

Warning: the certificate will be sent in 4/5 working days, apart for the period between December 20th and January 4h (see below the note)

Get the electronic WHALE SUPPORTER certificate with your name (or the name of someone you want to dedicate it to) and a picture of the chosen sperm whale. Minimum donation is 20 Euro.
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We are sorry but between December 20th and January 4th the delivery of certificates is suspended.

Certificates are provided only in electronic format (pdf)