Much more than whale watching holidays: see whales and dolphins while helping researchers

Responsible ecotourism contributing to marine conservation, open to everyone.

Meet whales and dolphins not just by whale watching, but by helping researchers concerned with marine conservation; Tethys’ ongoing long term projects have been conceived as responsible tourism/citizen science projects: non-specialists are a valuable help for researchers in the field and their support is essential. Nevertheless no particular skills, nor scientific or nautical experience are required to participants: it takes only good will and enthusiasm to make a difference. Definitely more than whale watching!


During the COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to slow down the spread, many countries are applying temporary restrictions on travel from countries outside the EU by closing borders. Some countries have also applied national border closures and/or border checks at their borders or when moving between different regions at the national level. These restrictions are subject to a continuous evaluation of the epidemiological situation by countries and they change frequently.

If you intend to travel in the EU, including Greece and Italy, check the European Commission Re-open EU web platform containing real-time information on borders, available means of transport and tourism services in the Member States (choose the country from the menu available).

Please refer to the dedicated pages for more detailed information about travel, anti-covid measures adopted at Tethys’ projects and useful links

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You can make a difference!


Whales and dolphins are being studied in their natural environment; Tethys runs two long-term projects which are open to the participation of the public: one in Italy, in the north western part of the Mediterranean, and one in Greece, in the Eastern Ionian Sea.


Participants are involved in all aspects of the fieldwork and of the management of the life on board (in the Ligurian Sea) or at the field station (in Greece). No previous experience is required


The field season runs from May to September, during the warm Mediterranean summer. Each expedition lasts 6 days.


Participants joining for more than one team will have a 10% discount in any additional team. Please check out dates for next summer. Special discounts will apply for students.


Cetacean Sanctuary Research

The Cetacean Sanctuary Project (CSR) takes place in the Ligurian Sea, N-W Mediterranean, between Italy and France, within the protected area known as Pelagos Sanctuary for whales and dolphins. Participants’ accommodation is on board a large and confortable motorsailer.

Ionian Dolphin Project

The Ionian Dolphin Project  (IDP) is conducted in the coastal waters of Greece, Eastern Ionian Sea, in the Gulf of Ambracia and in the Inner Ionian Sea archipelago. Volunteers are based in the traditional village of Vonitsa and participate to daily surveys at sea on our rigid-hulled inflatable boat equipped with a 100HP outboard engine..

Target species

two species are being studied, the bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Ambracia, and the common dolphins in the Inner Ionian Sea Archipelago.

Bookings  (Italy, Greece). Places are assigned on a first come-first served basis.

For any enquiry please contact Tethys’ office

Phone: +39 02 720 019 47
Fax: +39 02 39 29 05 25

You can also offer an expedition as a present!

The institute is exclusively based on autonomous fundraising. Its research, which is aimed at the conservation of the species and their environment, is based on high standard data and require a great effort in the field. Both long-term projects could not be conducted without the citizen-scientists’ participation.

Join us: anyone can make the difference!