Contribute to marine mammals’ conservation by watching and studying whales and dolphins in northern Italy, in the Mediterranean Whale Sanctuary

An opportunity of a lifetime to meet eight species in the sunny Mediterranean

Observe whales and dolphins in their natural environment and make a contribution towards their survival and conservation; more than whale watching in Italy. The Cetacean Sanctuary Research (CSR) program it is an exciting opportunity to meet whales and dolphins in the wild together with expert biologists.
Research cruises in the north western Mediterranean, Italy, are aimed at the study of eight cetacean species, including fin whales, sperm whales and several dolphins.

The study area lies within the Pelagos Sanctuary, the world’s first High Seas protected area, which hosts one of the highest concentrations of whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean.

Share with us an unforgettable experience!

people on boat with fin whale

The 6 day cruises  take place between May and September during the sunny and warm Mediterranean summer. Tethys cruises are run by an experienced team of  biologists and are ideal for anyone with an interest in wildlife and marine conservation.  English is the official language on board.

Special attention will be given to science students wishing to gain experience in the field and in applied methodologies (including photo-identification, behavioural sampling and remote tracking). Students can get discounts and obtain tuition credits (ECTS).

Where you will stay

Participants are hosted on board the 68 ft (21 m) motor-sailer “Pelagos”, which accommodates a maximum of 11 participants, 4 researchers and a skipper. The spacious and very comfortable boat is managed according to the rules of responsible tourism; it is equipped with sophisticated instrumentation both for navigation and for the collection of scientific data.