Donate 5 per thousand to Tethys onlus’ research to protect whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea

The Tethys Institute is a non-profit organisation that has been studying marine mammals for 35 years with the aim of preserving the animals and their environment.

Donating 5 x 1000 does not cost anything. And it can make a difference!


We have been working with cetaceans for decades

Tethys onlus is the first organisation of its kind in Italy: its researchers have dedicated themselves with the most advanced means available to the knowledge of marine mammals in the Mediterranean, so as to lay the foundations for concrete actions to protect animals and their – and our – environment.

Some of the achievements to date


The two long-term projects, CSR in the Ligurian Sea and IDP in Ionian Greece, have collected some of the longest known data sets on cetaceans.


It was Tethys who first proposed the establishment of the Pelagos Sanctuary, after his research in the Côte d’Azur-Ligurian-Provençal basin had demonstrated its exceptional richness;

csr-research-fin-whaleWe have helped to establish that there is a specific Mediterranean population of fin whales (and probably other cetacean species);

csr-intro-sunset-participantsIn 35 years, our boats have travelled the equivalent of almost seven times the circumference of the equator;

csr-testimonials-sliderWe have shown these wonderful and irreplaceable animals, at sea with us, to over 6600 people.


Unfortunately, we have witnessed the decline of an entire dolphin population, changes in the distribution of species, and an exponential increase in threats that threaten the future of cetaceans and the planet on a daily basis.

Help us to safeguard this precious heritage by donating 5 x 1000 to Tethys

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For a future of our seas

And ours.

Help the conservation of Mediterranean dolphins and whales

Donate 5 x 1000 to Tethys


The 5 x 1000 is the share of the Income Tax for Physical Persons (IRPEF), which can be assigned to non-profit organisations and activities with social aims, when making a tax return.

Donating 5 x 1000 to the Tethys Research Institute does not cost anything. It is not an additional tax but an amount that the State reserves for non-profit organisations.

The allocation of 5 x 1000 is anonymous. The Tethys Research Institute will not have access to taxpayers’ personal data

How do you do it?

The 5 x 1000 can be donated by all citizens who submit their income tax return in Italy through the CUD form, the 730 form and the Unico form for physical persons. In each form, in the section related to the “Support of volunteering and other non-profit organisations of social utility“, there is a space dedicated to the 5 x 1000, where the taxpayer can sign and enter the tax code of the Tethys Research Institute: