Join the Ionian Dolphin Project (IDP); watch and study dolphins in the wild to ensure their conservation

You will fuel science-based conservation action aimed towards a respectful management of local resources, for the benefit of both dolphins and humans.

By joining the Ionian Dolphin Project you can help ensure the long-term viability of dolphins species living in the coastal waters of the eastern Ionian Sea.

In 30 years, 2,000 non-specialist participants from over 40 nations, encompassing the five continents, have joined the IDP. They have provided deeply needed support and helped  obtain crucial data.

Share with us an unforgettable experience!

People watching dolphin
IDP base

During your stay you will be part of a scientific team focused on the study and conservation of coastal dolphins. The Gulf of Ambracia (or Amvrakikos), a pristine semi-enclosed body of water in western Greece, hosts one of the highest densities of bottlenose dolphins in the Mediterranean. Here you will work side-by-side with experienced researchers and conduct daily surveys at sea. You will see lots of dolphins, get to know them, actively contribute to field data collection and, back at the field station, help download the data and process digital photos and scientific information.

Where you will stay

All of us, research staff and participants alike, will be living in our field station in the quiet village of Vonitsa, on the Gulf’s southern shore. By sharing every experience, and ultimately living a researcher’s life, you will gain a first-hand understanding of the motivations that inspire our work, appreciate its significance for dolphin conservation and learn about the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem and its wonderful inhabitants.

Come and visit us!

Check this IDP dedicated web site to find detailed information on the research team,  the wildlife in the coastal waters of western Greece, and the IDP on-line form for reporting your marine mammal encounters in Ionian waters

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