If you, or a company of yours, wish to support the research with a donation of 500 Euros or more, you can choose a name for one of the newly identified sperm whales.


and become a whale supporter by helping the Cetacean Sanctuary Research!

Of all species in the Pelagos Sanctuary, sperm whales have a special place in our hearts. And it’s not just because they are among the most spectacular when they raise their flukes before a dive. From their tails we are able to recognize those individuals we already have in our “catalogue”, or to identify a new one for the first time. Each one is given a code and a number, as well as a name that will help us remember the sightings and events of its “history”.

Do you want to choose a name for a sperm whale? Dedicate it to someone? With a minimum donation of 500 Euros, either personally or on behalf of your company, you can name one of the newly identified sperm whales. And you will help us continue our work for the protection of Mediterranean cetaceans.


We are sorry, but due to the ongoing field research season, we are not able to send you the certificates immediately. Certificates will be delivered from mid September.