A research project such as the Ionian Dolphin Project faces several expenses to ensure the long-term viability of dolphins and monk seals living in coastal waters of the eastern Ionian Sea. Some of these costs are directly linked to the field research, as for example the gasoline for the boat or the research equipment.

Some others are not so strictly related to the conservation work, but are still necessary to finalize our goals.

This year we had to get a new car that guarantees the safety and mobility of our research team. Though we found a second-hand vehicle, the cost is important and we would like to ask your help to cover it. Even a small donation can make the difference!

Help us to get a new car and become an IDP supporter!

All donors will get the exclusive IDP Calendar 2021!

You’ll receive a receipt email after the donation with the link to the file (high resolution tiff image) ready to print on photographic paper