flukes of sperm whale, befriend a whale

Befriend a whale: an original gift to someone you love (and to the whales, too)

Befriend a sperm whale from the Pelagos Sanctuary or donate its friendship to someone you love. With this symbolic gift you will support the research and conservation of Mediterranean cetaceans through the Tethys Research Institute.

A whale of a present!

Whales are among the most representative species of the oceans: their conservation means preserving their environment as well – which is ours, too. Befriend a whale and by supporting the research you can really help, as Tethys’ work is exclusively aimed at marine mammals’ safeguard and conservation.

Even a small donation can make the difference: choose one individual among those which are currently studied by Tethys. As a reward you will get a certificate of “friendship” which includes a picture of the chosen sperm whale, the information collected by the researchers about its history, and a yearly update of the new sightings during the upcoming research season.

You may choose between an e-mailed certificate or a printed one (the latter coming also with a nice whale tail necklace or key-ring) – for youself or as a nice present.

befriend a whale

Choose your sperm whale!

Click on the pics besides to view the whales you can befriend. You will receive a special certificate, as the example above, via email or printed, to your choice.

In addition you will get also a map showing where the chosen sperm whale has been sighted and the available information about it, as well as facts about the Mediterranean sperm whales in general.


Visualize the last season’s updates

What you will get

The certificate may be sent to you in two different ways: e-mailed or printed via snail-mail. It’s your choice.


Minimum donation is 10.00 euro

  • the certificate with a picture of the chosen whale (A4, 140 dpi);
  • the information about the chosen individual whale;
  • a new unpublished article about the most recent, amazing discoveries on Mediterranean sperm whales


Minimum donation ranges from 50.00 euro (to Italy) to 60.00 euro (to Europe) to 70.00 euro (to extra-European countries).

  • a A4-cardboard high-resolution printed certificate with a picture of the chosen whale;
  • information about the chosen individual whale (printed);
  • a new unpublished article about the most recent, amazing discoveries on Mediterranean sperm whales (printed);
  • a whale tail as a necklace or a key-ring (to your choice).

In both cases (e-mail, or snail mail shipping) the updates about new sightings of the animals will be available on Tethys’ website, at the end of the next summer research season.

Please allow up to 7 working days after the confirmation of your donation; shippings will be made by ordinary mail service, starting from December 17th.

Get the certificates online: choose your desidered option (e-mail /print) and follow the instructions