How to reach the dolphin research field station in Greece

Project participants will be expected to get to Vonitsa on their own


To Greece by ferry

Several FERRY companies operate between Italy and Ionian Greece. The arrival harbor is Igoumenitsa, approximately 100 kilometers north of Vonitsa.

From Igoumenitsa, one can get a bus to Preveza or Lefkada and then take another bus to Vonitsa. Igoumenitsa bus station tel. (+30) 26650 22309.

To Greece by train

You may also travel comfortably overland by train, for instance, from the UK through the Balkans, via Brussels, Cologne, Vienna, Budapest, Transylvania and by Mount Olympus on the train from Salonika to Athens. All travel is by InterCity service and on sleeper trains. this website takes you step by step through how to book your travel and the options available for rail, ferry and bus travel around the world but particularly in Europe You can book European train travel through this website

Flying to Athens

Regular flights to Athens originate from all over Europe

From Athens to Vonitsa

By bus

Reaching the village of Vonitsa is relatively simple. Most volunteers take a bus from Athens directly to Vonitsa. This takes about 5 hours and is the cheapest way to get there. Those coming by bus from Athens, if leaving the same day of the rendezvous, should take the bus that leaves from the Kifisos Central Bus Station at 9:00 a.m. and should arrive in Vonitsa around 14:00 p.m.

Alternatively, for those with a more flexible schedule:

Departure times from Athens→Vonitsa: 9:00, 12:00, 17:00

Departure times Vonitsa→Athens: 6:20, 9:00*, 12:30, 15:15, 18:30

(*Recommended time considering that project participants will be required to leave the field base by 10.00 on their departure date)

The bus usually stops a couple of times with no announcements and the trip costs approximately 35 Euro. Those of you knowing that will be heading back to Athens on the departure date using the same means of transport may save some money by buying a return ticket (about 55 Euro).

There are Express Airport Bus connections between the airport and the Athens centre on a 24-hour basis. Buses leave the airport terminal every ~30 minutes. To reach the Kifisos Central Bus Station from the airport take the bus route X93 (price: ~5 Euro): Athens Airport – Kifisos Intercity Bus Station. Get off at the last stop (end of the line). This trip takes about 60-90 min depending on traffic. Alternatively, you may take a taxi (40-50 Euro, 30-50 min drive).

Bus tickets can only be purchased from the little blue and yellow kiosk just outside of the terminal doors. Theoretically, bus drivers can also sell the tickets, but this is not always the case. At the airport, take Exit 5 and turn left to buy your ticket at the kiosk. The bus stops are next to it.

Please note that if you get caught without a ticket, you will be fined 60 times the amount of the bus ticket, payable on demand. If you forget to validate your ticket, the same penalty applies.

For those staying overnight in Athens, catching a bus from the airport to the center of Athens is easy. Before you leave the terminal make sure to pick up a brochure explaining the various routes and bus numbers. They are free and plentiful at the numerous Plexiglas units.


Athens Kifisos Central Bus Station Terminal A (they normally speak English)

Address: Leforio Kifisou 100 – Tel: +30 210 5124910 / 5132601

From Athens to Vonitsa

By taxi

A faster and more comfortable way to reach Vonitsa once you land at the Athens airport, although obviously more expensive, is to take a taxi. This should cost about 300-400 Euro and takes approximately three-four hours. If this is your choice, you may want to check this link to taxi driver George Kokkotos provided by a past volunteer:

Flying to Preveza-Aktio (PVK)

During the summer months, May – September, charter flights are available from across Europe to Preveza-Aktio airport. Domestic airlines used to fly here but these flights stopped in 2010. Preveza-Aktio airport is 10 kilometers west of Vonitsa. Volunteers arriving by plane at Preveza-Aktio airport can easily get to Vonitsa by taxi (approximately 25-30 Euro, 15 min drive), you should ask to be left on the seaside, near the Hotel Pegasus or Bel Mare.

Flying to Thessaloniki (SKG)

Regular flights to Thessaloniki Airport originate from all over Europe. This airport may be a relatively cheaper option because Ryanair and other low-cost companies operate there.

For info on Thessaloniki visit: