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Get ready for an unforgettable experience researching dolphins in the wild

Please find here all necessary information for booking and paying an expedition with the Ionian Dolphin Project.

Are you interested in having a deeper glimpse into the Ionian Dolphin Project work before proceeding? Check out the project’s web site!

Download the IDP Expedition Briefing, where you will find all info needed to join us in the field (and more!)

Book and pay your IDP expedition

Apply for an expedition in Greece with the Ionian Dolphin Project

Instructions and booking forms – READ CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING

  • Download

    download and carefully read the IDP Expedition Briefing information file: before booking you may want to know in advance which activities participants are involved in during the expedition.

  • Booking forms

    When you place your order and pay for your cruise you will receive an email with the links to download the booking forms that must be filled in and signed. The forms must be sent back to the Tethys office via email ( or via fax (+39 02 39 29 05 25). The booking forms are also downloadable here

  • Payment confirmation

    Tethys will notify you that the booking is confirmed and payed.

Selling conditions

Refunding: 20% of the participation fee is non refundable. In case of cancellation, a minimum of 30 days written notice must be sent to Tethys to be entitled to a reimbursement of 80% of the entire participation fee.

Cancellation: 1) for those expeditions not reaching the minimum number of 3 participants, the Tethys Research Institute will reserve the right to cancel that expedition team (at least 10 days before its scheduled start); in this event the applicants affected will be fully reimbursed; 2) in case of a cancellation originating from any technical/logistical problem attributed to the Tethys Research Institute, the organisation will reimburse the applicants with the full amount of the participation fee (no additional reimbursements are foreseen) or, upon request, will try to place applicants in other expedition teams, depending on availability.

For students

Any application for a university student discount (below 26 years old) will require a copy of the valid student ID.