Highlights from the latest cruise: CSR 11 (July 25th – 31st)

  • Fin whale CSR Diary

This was a very special week on Pelagos, with very good weather and an incredible amount of sightings of five cetaceans species and many other interesting animals. The week kicked off with a sperm whale, a group of about 20 (shy) striped dolphins and several moon fishes.

On the second day, we added two fin whales to the list of our sightings, but it’s on the third day that something very special happened. Two adult male sperm whales surfaced together after performing some “codas”, a very particular type of vocalization. In this area, it is really not common to see more individuals of sperm whale surfacing and diving next to each other.

On the next day, after seeing 10 bottlenose dolphins, we arrived at the beautiful bay of Villefranche, where we took the opportunity to walk in the nice little streets of the fortified French town.

On the last day, among several sightings of striped and bottlenose dolphins, the Pelagos Sanctuary greeted our volunteers with some unusual sightings: a Cuvier’s beaked whale and a giant devil ray (Mobula mobular)!

Another great week on our boat, full of great sightings shared with a very diverse bunch of great people of all ages and from all over the world.

Thank you!
Gioele, Martina, Livia & Valentina


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