Cetacean Sanctuary Research CSR – COVID19 strategy

February 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to slow down the spread, many countries are applying temporary restrictions on travel from countries outside the EU by closing borders. Some countries have also applied national border closures and/or border checks at their borders or when moving between different regions at the national level. These restrictions are subject to a continuous evaluation of the epidemiological situation by countries and they change frequently.

Advice for those travelling to Italy

If you intend to travel in the EU, including Italy, check the European Commission Re-open EU web platform containing real-time information on borders, available means of transport and tourism services in the Member States.
Please check possible restrictions for your trip:

If urgently needing COVID-19 tests or exhibiting possible symptoms, you may contact the COVID-19 hotline by dialing +39 1500 for guidance on testing and referral for medical care. In case of emergency in Italy  dial 112 or 118.

Measures taken by the Tethys Research Institute – CSR

Please note that all of the measures are subject to change. Measures not listed here may be implemented if this is deemed necessary

At Tethys we believe that the best way of protecting our project participants and personnel is by making sure that all members of our research teams are fully vaccinated. Therefore, we strongly encourage all our participant to be fully vaccinated.

However, following the current rules applied by the Italian authorities, participants in the CSR are only requested to present the negative result of a PCR or antigen test taken within the last 72 hours at the moment of their arrival aboard.

(Any participant not fulfilling this requirement will not be allowed to join our teams.)

Local laboratories close to the Cetacean Sanctuary Research boat mooring performing Covid-test:

FISIOMED – Corso Felice Cavalotti, 22 – 18038 Sanremo, Italy. The reservation can be made by telephone (+39 0184 634450 – +39 366 2777317) or by WhatsApp (+39 366 2777317)

FARMACIA NOLA – Corso Imperatrice 9/11, 18038 Sanremo (IM), Italy. The booking can be made by telephone: +39 0184 578174

FARMACIA DOTT. COLOMBO – Via Galileo Galilei, 415, 18038 Sanremo (IM), Italy. The booking can be made by telephone: +39 0184 530688

FARMACIA SANT’ANNA – Via Umberto I – 11, 18038 Sanremo (IM), Italy. The booking can be made by telephone: +39 0184 670095

ANTICA FARMACIA PANIZZI – Via Palazzo 58, 18038 Sanremo (IM), Italy. The booking can be made by telephone: +39 0184 570071

Covid TestTime for results Cost
Antigen test (rapid test)Within 1 hour50 – 60 EUR
  • The Lab above works Monday-Friday from 7am to 6pm and Saturday from 7am to 10am.
  • Please note: a booking is mandatory; contact the testing centre in advance for an appointment.
  • In the Labs somebody among their staff speaks English
  • The result of the test will be available within 30-60 minutes

Key measures that will be implemented by the CSR

The key measures that have been implemented by the CSR are listed below:

  • Only people who have completed and signed the SELF-DECLARATION FORM FOR ACCESS TO THE BOAT will be admitted on board
  • Every morning all CSR team members and participants will have their body temperature taken and logged
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers will be also available in different points of the boat (project participants are encouraged to bring also some of their own);
  • The best and most consistent way of preventing the spread of the coronavirus—and reducing risk of contracting it— remains washing your hands with soap and water as a first choice, and avoiding touching your face as much as possible
  • Participants are kindly required to bring their own bedsheets and towels (laundry facilities are locally available)
  • Project participants are encouraged to bring enough face masks for their stay on board.

The safety of our staff and project participants is our top priority.  Our researchers will take the utmost precaution to help our participants having a safe, educational and enjoyable experience at the CSR.

PLEASE, participants in the Cetacean Sanctuary Research should sign the declaration (download it), scan it or take a picture with a cell phone and send it to tethys@tethys.org before getting to Italy