Reviews from the latest cruise: CSR 18

Please find here some reviews from the participants to the cruise CSR 16 from August 28th to September 3rd.

Thank you to all you wonderful young people for a very special week on ‘Pelagos’. It has been a truly extraordinary experience and I will be regaling all my friends with this lovely place and the animals we did manage to see…and the food! Such a treat to have beautiful freshly prepared gourmet meals shared with such good company.

Barbara 73, Malta

Big thank you to the Tethys team, you were all so welcoming and informative. I really enjoyed the whole experience, especially seeing the cetaceans of the Palagos sanctuary, and also learning more about them. The presentations were fantastic, each and every one of them. I really loved the photo identification and listening to the dolphins on the hydrophone. It has truly been a fantastic week despite the weather. Thank you for cooking delicious vegetarian meals, and also for translating into English. Keep up the good work! Lots of love x

Jess, 27, owner of dog hotel, Sheffield, UK

Thank you all for helping research and conservation of our seas!

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