Highlights from the latest cruise: CSR 4 (June 6th – 12th)

  • Fin whale CSR Diary

During their first day at sea this week, the team on board of “Pelagos” spotted the first couple of fin whales of this season. Precious data were collected: behaviour and photo-ID. More about #Mediterranean fin whales.

An unexpected passenger showed up while “Pelagos” was sailing in open seas. And the species is… ornithologist may classify it!

Still in open seas, the team on board met the first sperm whale of this year’s season.

A weird “buoy” was spotted far away…which turned out to be a nice turtle Caretta caretta.

It has been a week in company of the sunfish Mola mola – typically drifting on the sea surface.

And then came another  great fin whale sighting: 3 individuals, one of them a very young one. Sailing close to them researchers and participants were able to collect important data on habitat preference, behaviour, and they also could photo-ID them.