Highlights from the latest cruise: CSR 6 (June 20th – 26th)

  • Fin whale CSR Diary

An intense sighting day on board of Pelagos during the Summer solstice: lots of ‪dolphins‬ and a couple of fin ‪whales‬.

A huge ‪sunfish‬ “pretending” to be a ‪‎dolphin‬; it almost got us.

A ‪‎sea turtle‬, Caretta caretta, a relatively common sighting in the Ligurian Sea ‪Sanctuary‬, north-western Mediterranean.

Despite their “festive” appearance balloons‬ may be very dangerous for‪ marine‬ vertebrates‬ such a seaturtles‬, which may mistake them for jellyfish and ingest them. DO NOT let them go; they unavoidably end up in the sea.

Dolphin‬ day onboard of Pelagos: 6 sightings of ‪striped‬ dolphins in just one day.

The latest week, of crew CSR6, ended amazingly with a last sighting of sperm ‪‎whale‬ on the way back to ‪‎Sanremo‬.


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