An unforgettable experience one should not deny himself in life

“So much more than just whale watching”

Life on board the boat ‘Pelagos’: this is how our citizen science participant Andrea Geipel describes and sketches the Cetacean Sanctuary Research experience.

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I saw a part of nature, which not many could see. Also I met people, who are making a passion-job. This helps the nature a lot.


It was the first time for living so close to the sea, actually living with the sea.

This experience helps me a lot because it makes me understand that I really want to spend my life studying the sea and everything that lives in here


Being able to almost shadow the research, seeing the technology utilized and what a “day in the life” of a scientist might look like, was very rewarding

It was such a privilege to learn from the experts in the field, so enthusiastically communicated. We’ll head home with much to tell our friends and anyone else we can influence! 


Well the expedition on board Pelagos is the OFF moment that you need to find the direction you might be looking for.


…my absolute favorite moment was when we could hear the clicks of a sperm whale and when the clicks would stop it felt like everyone held their breath and we would wait until someone screamed “blooowww!”


Earth has music for those who listen – and you guys made us listen! Thank you very much!


But the most fundamental thing we will take away with us is the knowledge about the hard hard work that goes on behind the scenes in conservation – securing the vast amounts of data and evidence that secures protection for these species and their habitats.

Not a single question went unanswered and the whole team were always ready to talk about their experience and share their knowledge in a clear way for all to understand and with so much enthusiasm; you can tell everyone loves what they do.