The social distancing beach Cleanup supports Tethys

Plastic Hunt is a great awareness-raising event about the ocean plastic problem.

This project was born from the idea of a group of young Europeans who have already organized several beach clean-ups; this year it will support also Tethys. Due to the Coronavirus situation, that imposes social distancing and prohibits large gatherings of people, it will probably not be possible to organize big beach clean ups as in the past, with even 100 people on the same beach. Despite this, cleaning beaches is not forbidden, and it can be done in small groups of relatives or friends all around the world.

Plastic Hunt consists on a social distancing beach cleanup (but also rivers, lakes and park counts) all over the world. Teams (1 to 10 people) will be challenging each other during a clean-up on August 12th.

There will be a jury with famous people, rewards consisting in certificates of adoption of a coral, turtle, seal or whale to support NGOs working in ocean conservation. We are collecting donations to support these organisations. Tethys is one of them.

The  clean up can also be done before the 12th of August, but only on the 12th teams will have access to the online page where to upload their pictures to complete the challenges.

Everyone can join this movement, connect with other people, families and organisations from all over the world who want to save the oceans. Involve your family, friends and contacts. The planet needs it!

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