So much more than whale watching.Amazing to see whales and dolphins next to the boat. It helps make you realize how important these animals are and how we need to protect them

Guest’s reviews and comments to Tethys cruises in the Mediterranean Sanctuary for whales and dolphins

Not only did I have the chance to watch cetaceans in their environment, free and happy, but I also had professional and passionate people explaining the mysteries of these wonderful creatures to me. Not being a professional in this field but only a lover of the beautiful creatures, I had the chance to learn a lot from these passionate wonderful people who spend their life protecting them.

Natalie44, Switzerland, Public Relations

Unfortunately due to the weather we did not have the amount of sightings that I was hoping for, however what we did see and do was an amazing experience. The striped dolphins were fantastic and I learned so much more in the lectures than I thought I would do. I would thoroughly recommend Tethys to anyone having an interest in cetaceans as a very worthwhile project to take part in.

Lorraine50, Bournemouth, England

Soaking up sunshine. Sleeping under the stars. Swimming in the waves, and bowriding in the wind. Being part of the crew, and contributing to cetacean research. Meeting fab individuals against the backdrop of a great culture. All of that would have been enough. And then: an unbelievable, shear incredible number of sightings. Never have I been so lucky to see as many different species in such numbers. Jellyfish, flying fish, tuna and sunfish; sea turtle, shearwater, striped dolphins, fin whales, pilot whales and sperm whale; newborns, juvs and old…

Regina38, conservation volunteer

My dad booked this boat trip for me on our trip to Italy since I want to become a marine biologist when I grow up. It was really amazing to see the animals next to the boat instead of from a picture or even an aquarium. It helps make you realize how important these animals are and how we need to protect them.

Maya11, sixth grade, Arizona, U.S.

People, dolphins, food, whales, people, dolphins, food, whales and sometimes sea turtles…
Wonderful time again with Tethys as this is the second time I participated in their projects and they didn΄t disappoint…

Khai Lin Chua25, Singapore

Amazing experience! I didn’t know what to expect from this week, but it turned out it was exactly what I wanted to try. Life in a boat, looking for animals who (obviously) are not always willing to be spotted…it was a kind of blue jungle! Thank you to all the people who made this possible: I really admire your passion and your choices.

Guenda20, student, Milan, Italy

Wir hatten an Bord der Pelagos eine wundervolle Woche, seeeeeehr viele Finwale, Pottwale, Delphine und Schildkroeten. Ach ja, nicht zu vergessen die Mond-Sonnen-Sterne-wie auch immer Fische. Alle Maedels von Thetys waren sooooo nett, hilfsbereit und kompetent. Die Stunden der “Schicht” auf dem Sonnendeck waren spannend, braeunend und lehrreich. Capitano Roberto war unser Fels in der Brandung. Wir kommern bestimmt wieder und das  supergerne.

Andrea55, Hannover, Germany

My 11 year old daughter is very interested in marine biology, and I booked the trip not knowing much about the organization.  However, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the time we spent on the boat.  It was a perfect mixture of education and fun.  The crew were all scientifically knowledgeable and provided context to the many sightings we saw, which made it much more interesting than simply sighting a mammal.   The various lectures when we were not looking for animals also provided a more in depth view of the behavior and characteristics of the sea life in the Mediterranean. Moreover, the fact that all participants act as part of the crew, helping with everything from animal watching to cleaning, creates a great team atmosphere. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the crew could not have been friendlier or more helpful, it really felt like being part of a family for a week!

Scott45, Lawyer, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates