Migrating sea mammals in the Mediterranean

  • fin whale

A brand new paper authored by Tethys’ President Simone Panigada and by Tethys’ member Nino Pierantonio has been published within the Monograph on marine connectivity – migration and larval dispersion – edited by CIESM, the Mediterranean Science Commission, headquartered in Monaco and supporting a network of several thousand marine researchers. CIESM’s mission is to apply the latest scientific tools to better understand, monitor and protect the fast-changing, highly impacted Mediterranean Sea.

The new paper highlights the current knowledge on migratory patterns and movement strategies of marine mammals in the Mediterranean. Information essential to overcome the gaps towards the identification of conservation strategies that account for the connectivity between populations, systems and realms is also addressed by the article.

The full volume, as a whole, will be accessible for online purchase via the CIESM website

Panigada S. and Pierantonio N.2016. Migratory patterns and strategies of Mediterranean marine mammals and relation to intersystem connectivity. pp 95 – 104 In CIESM Monograph 48 [F. Briand ed] Marine connectivity – migration and larval dispersal, 172 p., CIESM Publisher, Monaco.